Installing peertube on Ubuntu 18.04

Installing peertube on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Dependencies 1. On a fresh Ubuntu, as root user, install basic utility programs needed for the installation # apt-get install curl sudo unzip vim 2. It would be wise to disable root access and to continue this tutorial with a user with sudoers group access 3. Installing Certbot (Nginx on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS -bionic) SSH into the server SSH into the server running your HTTP website as a user with sudo privileges.

Courses to get started with computer science

I never had expoture to computers or programming till my second year of college. After I have my hands on my first computer I started exploring the internet for real. In the first 6 months I came to know about embedded electronics like Arduino.They were cool.I started playing with them for a while and I left them. Then I started playing with computers on the cloud(servers).Thanks to [DigitalOcean]() for provifing $50 free credit and [GCP]() for 12 months free trial(I was only able to use it for a week with a debit card since ).